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A number of pests prove to be unwanted guests in households, workplaces and other public locations, but few have a nastier reputation than that of Bed Bugs. The fact that Bed Bugs feed on human blood makes them some of the vilest pests to have around, and to add to this extremely disturbing factor associated with them, getting rid of these parasites is quite the task too.

The fight against Bed Bugs invading human habitat has been going on for centuries. While a significant portion of the last century saw humans winning this fight against Bed Bugs, over the last few decades, the problem has again reared its ugly head due to several reasons. Now, city officials, homeowners and business owners are all battling against Bed Bug invasions in a bid to rid public as well as private properties of these nasty parasites. The ban on several pesticides, the increase in travels and irregular cleaning habits associated with current times have all added to the reprisal of the Bed Bug problem.

Thankfully, there is a comprehensive solution to the problem, no matter how serious an infestation may be.  At Bed Bug Exterminator Hamilton, it is our pledge to ensure that we exterminate every last Bed Bug from your premises, making sure that you can sleep in peace again. Our services are guaranteed and we keep our visits and procedures discreet.

In addition to the extermination of the live Bed Bugs, our expert technicians also remove the eggs and nymphs of these parasites from every nook and corner of your home so that a repeat infestation does not occur.

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Possible Bed Bug Locations

A parasitic insect that belong to the Cimicid family, the Cimex lectularius, or the Common Bed Bug feeds exclusively on blood, and prefers the blood of humans. The adults of these oval-shaped insects measure between 4 to 5 millimeters in length and 1.5 to 3 millimeters in width. Newly hatched Bed Bugs are known as nymphs and are first translucent in appearance, slowly gaining color as they mature.

Although it is a general notion that Bed Bugs are only found in and around beds, this isn’t entirely true. Bed Bugs are easily found in any area of the home where people tend to rest awhile. Couches, loungers, dining areas and just about every place where people spend a significant amount of time relaxing is a favorite with Bed Bugs. While beds remain a favorite feeding location for these parasites, they certainly do not stick only to bedrooms, especially when their numbers increase.

Apart from homes, Bed Bugs can also be found in locations such as bus or train terminals, inside public transportation vehicles like cabs, buses, trams and trains. Airports too aren’t free from these pests, because in spite of the cleanliness factor at airport terminals, these pests always deposit themselves here through the baggage or clothing of flyers.

Hotel rooms are another location where it is possible to find Bed Bugs. Even if the hotel is a pest-free zone, travelers and guests may carry these pests on their person or in their luggage, thereby depositing it there during their visit.

Health Hazards Associated with Bed Bugs

Although Bed Bugs directly attack us, piercing our bodies and drawing out our blood, there is no evidence to prove that Bed Bugs pass on any bacteria or viruses into our system. Therefore, Bed Bugs do not transmit any disease-causing pathogens into our bloodstream even though they directly come in contact with our blood.

However, the bites themselves can be distressing to the host. While most Bed Bug bites only result in tiny bumps in the immediate vicinity of the bite and a little itching, there are cases where Bed Bug bites result in skin rashes and trigger other allergic symptoms too.

The most disturbing effect of living around Bed Bugs though, is the thought of living with a parasite that feeds on your blood. This often results in paranoia and sleepless nights, and it is indeed depressing when you have to live in distress within your own home.

Therefore, although Bed Bugs do not pass on any diseases to their hosts, they certainly cause a lot of trouble on the psychological front.

Why Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator?

Bed Bugs may seem like tiny insects with no other task than to feed on your blood but when it comes to hiding and going undetected, their instincts are surely a lot stronger than you think. This enables them to find the best places to stay safe after their meal, or while lying in wait for their next one. Therefore, even if you squash a few Bed Bugs and assume that there are no more, there is a strong chance that the ones you killed are only a fraction of the number that is actually present in your home.

Moreover, the problem of Bed Bugs is as serious as the nymphs and eggs they leave behind. Therefore, a thorough extermination process that minimizes or eradicates chances of a repeat infestation involves the treatment of the eggs and nymphs too.

The use of pesticides is also a serious concern. Professional exterminators are experts in the controlled use of pesticides and know when it is absolutely necessary to make use of chemicals. The safety of the inhabitants of the home or business place is after all, important part of the process.

At Bed Bug Exterminator Hamilton, we tackle every Bed Bug problem effectively through a customized and properly laid down plan. The steps we take not only ensure the elimination of the current population of Bed Bugs in your home, but also snuff out the chances of a repeat infestation.

Bed Bug Extermination in Hamilton

At Bed Bug Exterminator Hamilton, we are well aware of every detail associated with Bed Bugs. Our expert technicians have made it their business to look into every nuance related to these parasites, thereby gaining knowledge on all the actions and habits of the Cimex lectularius.

A thorough inspection first ensures that we gauge the extent of the problem. Depending on the magnitude of the infestation, we draw up a plan to get rid of these parasitic pests in a swift yet discreet manner. Our services are guaranteed and we ensure the safety of all the inhabitants of the home or business place we treat.

So, if you are up against a Bed Bug infestation, call us on 905-581-9987today for a prompt inspection appointment. On our part, we assure you of an affordable and comprehensive solution to your Bed Bug problem.