Common Signs of a Bed Bug Problem


How do I know if I have bed bugs in my house? Is this the question you are asking yourself? If so, there are two ways to know if you have bed bugs in your house even before it becomes an infestation. Sometimes, people don’t know they have bed bugs, not until it infests their homes and beds. Having bed bugs are hard to prevent, since they are small pests that travel by sticking into your clothing or even your car seats in order to get inside your house. When they finally get inside your house, they travel through air and electricity vents in order to get to all the rooms.

The first sign in knowing that you have bed bugs is having bite marks or red spots in your body. Since bed bugs release a numbing substance when they bite, you will not know you were bitten unless you see the marks. But relying solely in this method to monitor if you have bed bugs is not advisable, some people’s skin do not react with bed bug bites.

The most effective way to check if you have bed bugs is to regularly check under your mattresses. Flip your mattresses and check for the bed bugs themselves, adult bed bugs are about 5 mm long with a reddish brown translucent shell that is slightly striped. You can also check for their eggs, these are tiny translucent eggs that look like capsules that are normally stuck in corners that are dark and hard to reach. Dropping stains that are black red in color is also a good indication that you have bed bugs. The last thing you have to look out for is the empty shell skins that are left by the bed bugs.

The answer to your question solely lies upon you, check under your mattresses and look out for the bed bugs, their eggs, their droppings or their empty shell. By doing this, not only will you be able to answer your question, but you will also be able to act and kill them before they even get to infest your house, wherein you will have to call for a costly pest control services.