Natural Bed Bug Bite Treatments


Bed bugs bite, leaving small bite marks on the skins that are red in appearance. These bites cause only itching , rashes, skin infections and sometimes can cause bleeding too. In the worst-case scenario, beg bites can cause anaphylaxis, which is complete body allergic reaction characterized by pain in the abdomen, shortness of breath, unconsciousness etc.

By far the best way to treat bed bugs at home is with baking soda and water. First wash the bite area with soap and water, then make a paste of these two ingredients, apply it on the bite area, and let it dry. After is dry completely, wash the paste off and pat dry the skin.

Natural Bed Bug Bite Treatments

1.     Oatmeal bath- Take an oatmeal bath with peppermint oil, it reduces the inflammation on the bite area and soothes skin. Bathe with Luke warm water and no soap, and then dry the skin with a towel completely.

2.     Anti-itching creams- Use anti itching creams that contain calendula flower as ingredient. Calendula flowers are anti-inflammatory in nature and they reduce rash and skin irritations.

3.     Calamine Lotion- Calamine lotion is easily available and present in every household. It is the best remedy for all kinds of bug bites. It protects and heals the skin.

4.     Salt and baking soda- Apply a thick paste of baking soda and salt to relieve inflammation caused by the bug bite.

5.     Witch hazel- Dip a cotton ball in witch hazel solution and apply it on the area of bed bug bite. It acts an astringent and helps you relieve from wanting to scratch on the affected area.

6.     Aloe Vera- Last but not the least, Aloe Vera gel can be applied to the bug bite area. Aloe Vera has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that are used to treat bites. Just pluck an Aloe Vera tip, extract the juice and apply it to the affected area. It creates a soothing feeling and prevents infection too.

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